EPV 138” Acoustically Transparent Screen featured in EH Magazine 2018 Home of the Year Award ($25-75K)

EH Magazine 2018 Home of the Year Award ($25-75K) was awarded to custom integrator TYM. A 138” 2.35:1 acoustically transparent screen from Elite Prime Vision was used in the installation paired with a Sony 4K projector.


About AcousticPro4k

The AcousticPro4k acoustically transparent screen material is optimized for displaying high-resolution 4K content. The dense mesh of the material has perforations that allow in-wall speakers to be installed behind the screen making it feel like the sound is coming directly from the screen. Elite Screens Australia currently stocks a large variety of fixed frames in flat (ezFrame) or curved (Lunette) screen options.

(magazine link) https://www.electronichouse.com/home-of-the-week/heavy-theater-masterpiece/

(TYM Company link) https://tymhomes.com/project/best-home-theater-gold-winner-2018-home-of-the-year-awards/