Unboxing: Elite Screens Starling Tension Series and Insta-DE Series Screens


Garden Grove, CA. June 6, 2014 - Elite Screens Starling Tension and Insta-DE series were recently featured on GeekBeat.tv

Excerpt from GeekBeat.tv "When our friends at Elite Screens heard about our new Geek House, they knew we’d need some projection screens, and they just sent over some awesome ones. The 135-inch model from the Starling Tension Series will be mounted in our big central room, where it will roll down from the ceiling by remote control.

They also sent us the Insta-DE Series wall coverings that will turn all the walls in the conference rooms into white boards and projections screens. We’ll be able to use them for both! These will be great for work AND Geek Beat Movie Nights, and our Super Bowl party will be AWESOME! Stay tuned for more as we install these screens and we’ll definitely let you know what it’s like to use them."